Trout in the Classroom Field Trip Volunteers

It’s that time of year again when schools are gearing up to head out to Trout in the Classroom Field Trips.

This year, we are expanding the field trip opportunities… we offered field trips to any participating program that wanted a field trip. Additionally, we expanded the locations. This year we are offering field trips not only at Schramm State Recreation Area, but also at the five fish hatcheries around the state.

This is where you come it! We need help engaging students in these field trips. More specifically, we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help students go fishing and learn about trout habitats. We will have all supplies and materials… we just need your passion! Field trips will start in mid-April and run through mid-May. You can sign-up for one day… or all days.

2019 Trout in the Classroom Field Trip Dates and Locations

4/16/2019 Rock Creek Hatchery, Parks, NE
4/23/2019 Terry’s Pit, Gering, NE
4/24/2019 North Platte Hatchery
4/25/2019 North Platte Hatchery
4/26/2019 North Platte Hatchery
4/30/2019 Grove Hatchery, Royal, NE
5/1/2019 Grove Hatchery, Royal, NE
5/2/2019 Valentine Hatchery
5/6/2019 Calamus Hatchery
5/7/2019 Calamus Hatchery
5/8/2019 Calamus Hatchery
5/13/2019 Schramm
5/14/2019 Schramm
5/15/2019 Schramm
5/16/2019 Schramm
5/17/2019 Schramm
5/20/2019 Schramm
5/21/2019 Schramm
5/22/2019 Schramm
5/23/2019 Schramm
5/24/2019 Schramm

READY TO SIGN-UP!! Click on the link below and register.

Once you have volunteered, we will contact you with details (location, etc.). Please let us  know if you have any questions!



Many schools have reported that their eggs have hatched into alevin. Yay!

You do not need to start feeding your trout until some have lost their egg sac… the receive nutrients from this egg sac, so feeding is just wasteful until they need it. So, when some have lost/absorbed their egg sac, you can start by feeding then the size 0 food. Then, when you run out of size 0, you can start with size 1… then move onto size 2.

If you need more food at any time, please let us know.


Trout Eggs!

Hello! It is getting exciting! Eggs arrived from Ennis National Fish Hatchery in Ennis, Montana last week.

Here is the hatchery information to utilize when predicting your hatch date….

Eggs fertilized: 12/28/18
Eggs left hatchery: 1/14/19
Water temperature at hatchery: 54 degrees F

photo of trout eggs